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Physics and Gravity Artistic supercomputer simulations of galaxy dynamics set to music.
Alternatives to Dark Matter Dark matter isn't the only possible explanation!
NBodyLab N-body laboratory.  Allows running hardware accelerated n-body simulations over the web.
General Relativity Orbits Java applet to investigate orbits in strongly curved spacetime.
Gravity Probe B Was Einstein right?  Amazing test of the "gravitomagnetism" aka "frame dragging" effect.


Astronomy Picture of the Day
Clear Sky Clocks Up to date astronomy weather and seeing forecasts.
Sky and Telescope For space enthusiasts.
Bad Astronomy Great site that sets the record straight on a lot of astronomy misinformation.
Andy's Shot Glass Astronomy and Astrophysics for Non-Gazillionaires.

Math and Programming

MagicCube4D A fully functional 4D analog of a Rubik's cube.  My all time favorite puzzle and what I consider a successfully elegant interface by Melinda Green.
MagicCube5D Charlie and I recently wrote a fully functional 5D analog of Rubik's cube.
120 Cell Explorer Explore a number of the symmetries of the "120 cell", often considered the 4D analog of the dodecahedron.
Jenn For visualizing Coxeter polytopes.  Awesome!

Friends and Colleagues

My Home Page Like Rubik's Cubes?  Motorcycle Racing?  Giant Chess Sets? Friend and office mate who helped contribute to G3D coding.
Austin Digital, Inc. The coolest flight data analysis company in the world!
Got a Dreamcast?