N-Dimensional Minesweeper

By Jesse Ziser (xezlec at yahoo)

Be warned: 4-D or higher will destroy your brain. For instructions, see below.


Saved board position code
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How to play

It's mostly like ordinary Windows Minesweeper. To explore a cell, just click it. It will display the number of mines it touches. To flag a cell you think is a mine, click "Flag mine" and then click the cell you want to flag (this does NOT explore the cell, of course). But bear in mind that this is not just a 2-D playfield. For a 4-D board, for example, each cell touches 80 (that's right, EIGHTY) other cells, unlike the 8 you're used to in boring, wimpy, pansy 2-D minesweeper!

It's not impossible. But it takes time, and you'll want to start with a very small number of mines.

How to use the navigation/visualization controls on the right panel:

The playfield has some number of dimensions (i.e. longitude, latitude, height, etc.). Your customizable view of the playfield has some number of axes (i.e. X0, X1, Y0, etc.). By default, only X0 and Y0 axes are present, with the longitude dimension assigned to X0 and latitude assigned to Y0. For all of the dimensions that aren't assigned to any axes, you have to "move" your "current position" around by clicking the "<" and ">" buttons for those dimensions.

You can view as many X-axes and Y-axes as you want, simultaneously. Just click "X" for every dimension you want to see on some X-axis, and "Y" for every dimension you want on a Y-axis. To move a dimension from one numbered X-axis (or Y-axis) to another, click the "<" or ">" buttons for that dimension. To make something not an axis at all, keep clicking "<" repeatedly and it will go away after it goes below X0 (or Y0).

Bugs and stuff