Here is some of the features we would like to see in future versions of Gravitation3D.  We need and appreciate your support to continue this project!  In order for future versions of Gravitation3D to become available, please register your copy today.

We also welcome your comments and criticisms.  Want to see something specific in the next release?  Please let me know!


Gravitation3D Screensaver!

One of the first extensions we would like to add is making a screensaver that will cycle through the systems you have created or downloaded from the web.


More Gravitation Visualizations

These features have already been started (witness some of the visualization systems for download), but they have not been developed fully yet.


Calculation Engine Improvements

We've talked about adding more control over the force equation, perhaps through a formula editor.  Planet motion simulation is more generally an n-body problem, so this could open up the kinds of simulations you could do between objects.

Though more transparent to the user, it would also be nice to make the engine more accurate and robust with improved numerical integration methods.


Drawing Optimizations

Computers will get faster, but we can also spend more time on drawing optimizations to try to improve rendering speeds and increase the simulation step limit imposed by version 1.0.


Other Features

The list can be endless.  Some other thoughts are:

            a simple mode for beginning users            

            planet selection

            individual editing of planet drawing options (e.g. only show the trails for some specific planet).

            center of mass indicator

            more advanced GL (textures, shadows, solar flares)

            a video game spinoff

You name it, and it might possibly be incorporated.